How can you achieve comfort living?

Switch ON, OFF and dim lamps, roll up/down the electric shutters and create custom SCENARIOs.
This is YESLY comfort living.


Control lights via the App or using the BEYON pushbutton

Turn on a light

By installing an actuator you can turn lights on/off.
You can do it via your smartphone, by downloading the Finder YOU app, or by using the BEYON wireless pushbutton.
In addition, by installing a Bluetooth dimmer you can also dim the lights.

Control several lights

Control 2 different lights

By installing a Type 13.72 actuator you can control 2 different lights (eg. an overhead LED and a table lamp) via the Finder YOU app or using the BEYON wireless pushbutton.

If you also install a Type 15.71 dimmer you can control the brightness and create the right ambience for just about every occasion.

Control your electric shutters at home

Control your
electric shutters

Thanks to YESLY you can control your lights and electric shutters.

To do this you need to install a Type 13.72 actuator and, using the Finder YOU app or BEYON button, you can roll your shutters up/down from the comfort of your sofa or bed.

Control lights and electric shutters and create SCENARIOs

Create custom SCENARIOs and improve your comfort living

Thanks to YESLY you can create custom SCENARIOs for your rooms.

Are you planning to watch a movie at home?
Thanks to YESLY you can use your smartphone or BEYON to roll down the shutters and control and dim your lights to create the right atmosphere.